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Cyclodges is a 100% sustainable, 100% local and 100% sport & nature, which we imagined as part of the development of Sports in Lux (Herbeumont) activities.


A project with strong values, which we wish to transmit. To be able to make it exist, we created a partnership with the company BeLodge (Marche-en-Famenne).


Bertrand Marot (who is Clémence's second cousin, so it's also a family affair) makes modular pavilions. With him, we developed the Cyclodges. These are small cabins to shelter itinerant cyclists on their route.


They have a contemporary design, they are made entirely of wood and contain everything you need to spend a dry night after a day of cycling (which can be stored inside). No more no less. But the Cyclodges project is much more global than the manufacture of small wooden cabins. It is in fact the creation of a network of tourist accommodation providers, with local roots, aimed at itinerant cyclists and travel lovers looking for new experiences.

The very first Cyclodges were placed on July 3, 2021 in Herbeumont, at Sports in Lux. 

Clemence & Jerome

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